Osaka Camera Flash Speedlite Speedlight TT990 (18-180 Manual Zoom) with inbuilt Radio Trigger and Transmitter for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax & all other DSLR Cameras GN72


13,000.00 4,189.00


TT990 Camera Flash with built-in radio trigger – 1 no. , 16 Channel transmitter with built-in hot shoe – 1 no. , Flash Stand – 1 no. , Flash Diffuser- 1 no. , Carry Pouch – 1 no.


  • High Power Output : Guide no. 72 ; Fast Recharging : 0.1 – 3 seconds ; 4 Flash Modes : M, S1, S2 & Multi. Power Saving mode : Reduces unnecessary power loss.
  • Integrated reflection board giving a highlighted point on the eyes. External diffuser can be used for creating soft light effect. External power socket for using power pack & PC Female sync point
  • While using the flash off the camera, 16 channel built-in trigger helps to avoid disturbance caused by other photographers using similar radio trigger
  • 8 power levels, giving you a more precise brightness output & flexible brightness control. Multiple auto- self protections for power saving & against overheating.

  • A Camera Flash referred as Speedlite or Flashgun is a portable flash that can be fixed on the hot-shoe of a camera or fixed wirelessly off the camera. The advantage of a speedlite is that as they run on AA batteries, there is a complete freedom from AC outlets. Due to their light weight & compact size, they give you more mobility, are easy to pack & carry in your camera bag. Above all, when needed, they can be used instantly. For “Run & Shoot” photography like wedding, sports events and numerous other occasions, there is no substitute for speedlites. Features:- Osaka TT 990 suits for all DSLR cameras with standard metal hot shoe, such as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus etc – 8 power levels, each level has 3 fine tuning adjustments, giving you a more precise brightness control – Manual Zoom 18-180mm – Fast Recycling – 0.1 – 3 seconds – Power Saving Mode – Reduces unnecessary power loss – Flash Duration of 1/800-1/20000s, delivering crisp & vivid images – 4 Flash Modes – M, S1, S2 & Multi for improved versatility & usability – Integrated reflection board, giving a highlighted point on the eyes – Built-in wide-angle diffuser, creating soft, smooth & natural illumination – Multiple auto-self protections for power saving & against overheating – External power socket for external power pack & PC Female sync point Warranty – Six Months Service Warranty & Free Transit Insurance.
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