It is often hard to tell which Slider is good just by looking at it. Here are some important & informative points when choosing the right Slider Such as Smooth sliding, durability,length & Portability and here is a Slider for you which qualifies all these tests.

Smooth Sliding
After mounting a heavier camera with lens ,its Perfectly aligned rail track with bearing movement needs a delicate touch for a smooth sliding. whereas in most of the sliders when the camera is panned or tilted its uneven weight puts stress on one side causing the slide to be jerky due to poor mechanism.

During its use or while carrying outdoor the knocks are unavoidable. its hardened & grinded rail-track can bear the small knocks and stand hard to life. a point to note that even a small dent or cut can affect the sliding movement.

Length & Durability
Its 120 cms length is ideal length for wide shots and for shots you are moving towards the surface. also easy to pack & carry its four feet length almost similar to a tripod length suits almost in any car.

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