Uncovered camera lens has to be cleaned again & again. Its coating is wiped off, polish diminishes & lens becomes soft & blurred. Primarily used as a lens protection filter, absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photography hazy & indistinct. A multipurpose all weather filter for color as well as black & white photography. Exposure compensation not required.

Difference between Un-Coated & Multi-Coated Filters
Glass does not transmit all volume of light. Some portion of the light is reflected by the glass itself & the remaining transmits through it, thus resulting in loss of some portion of the light. The loss of lights results in inferior picture quality. To improve the rate of transmission, thin-film coatings are applied on the glass surface suitable for wave length of each color. Whereas, the loss of light in un-coated filter is 8%, the same is about 4% in 4 layer coating & less than 1% in 12 layer coating.

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