The Camera Flash & Studio Flash both are electronic flashes. the basic difference between the two is portability, source of power, Power output.

A camera Flash referred as Speed Light or Flash gun is a portable flash that can be fixed on the hot-shoe of the camera or fixed wireless off the camera on a Cold shoe.The advantage of speed light is that as they run on AA batteries there is a complete freedom from A.C outlets because of lightweight, more Mobility, easy to pack and carry in your camera bag and above all available when needed and ready to use. For a “Run & Shoot” Photography like wedding, reception, sports events and numerous other occasions there is no substitute for speed lights.

There are a countless number of light sources we use to illuminate our subjects. from the sun to moon,man made lighting sources, we use to chase away the darkness. each individual light sourcer meets its own particular challenge. but mixing other light sources further adds to the mix.

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